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What are they saying about Michelle?

Michelle has been able to see the spirit world since she was three years old. Many of her gifts and abilities are a natural way of being. As a Mystic Intuitive she travels realms and dimensions easily and loves working with the unseen. Michelle enjoys conversations with the Universe and she feels right at home as an interpreter for Divine Sign Language.


She likes telling people that she began her schooling at the University of the Cosmos in 2012. She says that she definitely has a Masters degree and has most likely finished her doctorates degree, as well. 

Michelle says, "Since the Cosmos does not handout paper certificates for their degrees for others to see or know that I have done the work, been upgraded to carry, and have gathered or been downloaded with this Higher Vibrational information of Knowledge, Understanding, and the Knowing to bring forth the Wisdom needed in my Divine Life's work...I guess people will have to just trust me when I say that I am qualified at what I do."

In her Soul Remembrance sessions, Michelle combines all of her modalities, gifts, abilities, and Ancient Wisdom brought forth from all Timelines. Your session with her may include, but is not limited to: Chakra work, Spiritual DNA activation, body Energy work, Cranial or arm Unwinding, clearing and releasing through Timeline(past lives) Stitching and Word Alchemy.


You can also book a hypnotherapy session with her for:

Clearing the House of Self - Birth to age 18 

Energetic de-clogging of the Family Tree & DNA Clearing

Advanced Chakra Portal entry work




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